In affiliation with the Harvard Medical School Department of Psychiatry at the Cambridge Hospital

The North Charles Mental Health Clinic (NCMHC) is a Department of Public Health-licensed facility which offers a full range of diagnostic and treatment services to adults (22+) suffering from mental illness. It is the belief of the NCMHC that mental illness can be actively and effectively treated, not merely held in check.


The goal of treatment at the NCMHC is to help emotionally distressed and mentally ill clients reduce their psychological distress/symptomatology; optimize their level of functioning and increase their understanding of their psychological difficulties.


The NCMHC offers a number of treatment modalities designed to address these goals, including diagnostic evaluation; individual psychotherapy; family/couples’ treatment and medication prescription and monitoring. Because North Charles, Inc. is a close affiliate of the Cambridge Health Alliance, the NCMHC is able to provide possible access to an array of collateral services by referral/consultation, including psychiatric emergency services; bilingual and ethnic minority services; group therapy and services designed to treat patients suffering from histories of traumatic abuse or violence.


All clients of the NCMHC participate in an Initial Evaluation and Initial Psychiatric Evaluation. If the evaluation concludes that treatment would appropriately proceed at the NCMHC, an individualized treatment plan is developed by the client and clinician. The NCMHC multidisciplinary team, consisting of clinicians from psychiatry, clinical psychology, social work and mental health counseling, reviews treatment plans at designated times throughout the course of treatment. All NCMHC clients and, as appropriate, their families or natural supports, are encouraged to actively collaborate with their treaters to articulate treatment goals and planned services.


North Charles Mental Health Clinic

If you are interested in a referral to the North Charles Mental Health Clinic for a yourself, a patient or a family member please e-mail us at or call (617) 491-1269.

If you are interested in exploring employment opportunities at the North Charles Mental Health Clinic, including per diem counseling please e-mail, call (617) 864-0941 or fax your resume to (617) 876-9760.